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For many people today, life has become a series of overwhelming circumstances and stressful events. Chronic illness, divorce, custody battles, relationship difficulties, problems at work, stress, death of a loved one, anxiety and depression can all contribute to feeling overwhelmed and dissatisfied with life.

Counseling can help. Therapy allows clients to explore thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about themselves and the other people in their lives. Dr. Frye assists clients in changing their beliefs and behavior by reducing stress, grieving loss, improving communication in relationships, developing coping skills, and addressing the emotional and behavioral symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The benefits of counseling include stress reduction, more satisfaction and better communication in relationships, improved self-esteem and positive outlook on life, personal growth, understanding and self-acceptance and increased fulfillment in everyday life.

Lighthouse Family Counseling: Guiding the Way Through the Storms of Life.

Play Therapy

Play therapy gives children the opportunity to express feelings through play that they are often unable to recognize and verbalize.

Individual Therapy

Counseling allows clients to explore thoughts, feelings and beliefs about themselves and others.

Filial Therapy

Filial Therapy can address adoption issues, attachment problems, chronic illness, parent alienation and parent reunification.

Therapeutic Evaluation

Therapeutic Evaluations are useful to assist in disputes over diagnosis, need for medication management or questions about allegations of abuse.

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